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Each Internship is an opportunity to gain valuable experience in international diplomacy while providing meaningful services to vulnerable Muslim populations.

Because You Are the Change You Seek

Despite waning media coverage, the refugee crisis is as dire as ever. The situation in Greece highlights this continuing struggle, where 62,000 refugees live without proper infrastructure and resources. On the outer islands, many residents of refugee camps still live in tents, even in the winter, and have to wait inordinate amounts of time for their asylum claims to process. On the mainland, many refugees are stuck in limbo waiting months and even years for resettlement, often living in camps that were made to be temporary stopovers, not permanent homes. Women, children, and youth are particularly vulnerable in these environments, lacking necessary resources to meet their daily needs and suffering from a dearth of psychological and social support services.

Interning: Empowered to Make a Difference

We know the refugee crisis is complex and seems insurmountable, but we believe that by working together, individuals can help turn the tide one family at a time and make a lasting, positive impact. By working together, we help meet the needs of refugee populations in Greece with compassion, dignity, and a sense of shared humanity. Intern with AUA to change the daily lived experiences of refugees waiting for resettlement. Ensure families have appropriate clothes based on the season, distribute crucial supplies like water and hygiene items needed on a daily and weekly basis, or support children in meeting their educational and emotional developmental milestones. Whatever your internship placement, you’ll not only make daily life better for residents of Ritsona refugee camp, but you’ll come away with first-hand experience of the refugee crisis to take back home to your university and community. With this knowledge, you can not only take your education to the next level, but help spread compassion and understanding for refugee populations back home. Together, we can make a difference in the refugee crisis.


By interning with our local partner organizations, you’ll not only support access to human rights and resources, but you’ll also form people-to-people partnerships that are the future of international relations. As important as your service and learning will be during your international internship, your work in your home community upon your return will be just as crucial. Learn about Muslim life in Morocco, make a difference, and share your knowledge and passion when you return back home.

1. Commit to joining AUA in our humanitarian work, because you know you can make a difference while pursuing your educational goals.

2. Schedule your internship program for a time that works best for you, because you can provide sustainable support to refugees at any time of year.

3. Prepare for your service-learning internship, because engaged learning beforehand prepares you to be a more effective — and fulfilled — volunteer.

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