Illuminate the devastation faced by Muslims in refugee camps in Greece by meeting essential human needs and restoring human rights to victims of warfare. Gain a crucial understanding of allyship amidst the severity of the refugee crisis and return home with human faces, names, and stories to share with those who might seek to demonize, ostracize, and refuse shelter for refugees.


Because you know you need to act now to combat the global refugee crisis. Because you want to address a challenge that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Because you want to work with Muslims where they are not only the minority, but are lacking basic human rights and struggling to survive.

Because you want your community to see the faces and hear the stories of the refugees you meet, to understand why misconceptions about refugees are so troubling and harmful.

Because you want to build a country that accepts and helps refugees rather than fears and shuns them.

Our Goals

War and xenophobia have precipitated a refugee crisis in Greece. The refugee camps here are overflowing and under-resourced. You will directly engage with refugees, hear their stories, and learn about their lives by collaborating with our partner organizations to help refugee children, support vulnerable women, build infrastructure, distribute food and supplies in refugee camps, and advocate for refugees.

Your Role

With our partners in Greece, you’ll learn important lessons in allyship to refugees fleeing conflict zones around the world. Restore dignity and purpose to these families’ lives, while learning how to serve as an advocate for these vulnerable populations. Bring your knowledge home to combat the stereotype of the “dangerous” refugee, and foster inclusion and acceptance of refugees fleeing war zones.

About Greece's Refugees

Advocate for Muslim refugees living in camps in predominantly-Christian Greece. Since the Balkan route from Greece to northern Europe was shut down, nearly 60,000 refugees have been stranded in Greece, where they live in camps intended to be temporary structures, lacking access to basic resources and social services. With AUA you’ll work in refugee camps located an hour north of Athens, which each house almost 1,000 residents, half of which are children. You will help illuminate the daily struggles, challenges, and triumphs of the Muslim refugees living in these temporary camps that have become permanent shelters.


Photos courtesy of ur partner Lighthouse Relief




Due to their constant movement, instability, and life in areas with little to no access to formal schooling, the refugee community is at risk of creating an entire generation who lack the necessary education to go on to higher education or find adequate work. un-Ambassadors work in child-friendly spaces to create a nurturing environment that support a child’s emotional and educational needs so that they do not miss important developmental milestones.



Females are often the ones holding a family together in a time of crisis and that is no different for refugees. un-Ambassadors work in refugee camps to provide women an opportunity to receive needed emotional support, educational opportunities, and important information for them and their families and children. AUA works in female-friendly spaces that are committed to supporting young girls and women in a variety of ways from interactions as simple as companionship and cultural exchange, to more specific activities such as arts & crafts, yoga, hairdressing, and early childhood development.



Refugee camps in Greece were originally created as temporary housing structures, but as the refugee crisis continues, they are becoming permanent or semi-permanent housing. un-Ambassadors will work to create and expand spaces for women and children to have their own areas for education, play, community, and sharing experiences.

PHOTO courtesy of our partner, Lighthouse Relief



As the refugee crisis in Greece stretches on, the world can easily forget the needs of this most vulnerable group. With rampant, dangerous misperceptions of refugees, real stories from these camps play an enormous role in sharing the truth of this community around the world. un-Ambassadors use their skills in writing, photography, and marketing to share the realities and stories of members of this refugee community.



Refugees often flee their homes and country carrying only their children, leaving their personal belongings behind. With the eyes of the world on the refugee crisis, supplies have been donated, but the challenge of sorting and distributing can leave resources wasted. It's essential to make sure these supplies and goods are received in the camps. un-Ambassadors, support camps by sorting donations and distributing both food and non-food items directly to refugees.